Why is Ray White in China?

By Julianne Micallef

By Brian White.

It was a major decision for my family. The remarkable importance of chinese interest in australian property required us to adopt a plan that would be relevant for our future. The most significant initiative would be for the family to open its own office in Beijing – the capital of China, the centre of its government. In short, where the major decisions are made.

I have indicated that this move by the White family has created “a language change” where all members of the group – particularly when relating to potential vendors – are able to say as part of their profiling of the brand, “the White family has now opened its own office in Beijing.” That’s all that needs to be said.

Sure, good things keep happening that’s led to the opening of Ray White in Hong Kong through a franchise. Through our China Desk in Sydney, led by Sen Wang, investor tours of Chinese purchasers continue to be organised and tours into China are being facilitated by our Beijing office. Your group now has a thousand offices with more opening all the time. A new office in Dubai that is already doing business. The interchange of opportunities between all our offices brings heaps of value to everyone.

Nevertheless, it is the Beijing office that deepens the prestige of the brand and its relevance to all of our profiles.

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